Mineral Purchase & Lease Testimonials

“You know Mark, I had that feeling from the beginning. I prayed over every move I made. And the Lord kept bringing me back to you.
I am so glad he did.

Louise, Reeves County

“I experienced a totally supportive, professional, & no-pressure relationship with Mark Benson for 6 months before closing a top-of-market sale last month. No better person to work with – well connected and high integrity.”

Richard, Howard County

“Recently my brothers and I needed help in transferring ownership of my mother’s mineral rights property out of her name. I saw Mark Benson’s name here and decided to see if he could help us out. Mark did help us and was supportive and professional in all our dealings with him. He answered all our questions (with patience as we are all new to this) and we greatly appreciated his time and attention to our issue.”

Lorri, Howard County

“Hi Mark,

Thank you SO MUCH for all the hard work you have done to sell my minerals. We got the $ in the bank (checked it this afternoon) and I am a happy camper! I really appreciate all the time and effort (and support) that you have given over the last month. If you ever need a recommendation from me let me know.”

Rory, Reeves County