What Presidential Candidates are saying about Oil


Domestic Oil Production vs. Shale Gas

The whole country is on the edge of their seat as we await this year’s presidential election. With a new president entering the Oval Office, what will this mean for America’s oil industry? We’ve broken down some of the candidate’s views to help you get an idea of where the oil industry might be headed.

Trump – Donald Trump has made his opinion on fracking very clear over the years and his track record shows that he is Pro-Fracking. He has strong beliefs that America should invest in domestic oil production and ditch international dependence.  Trump has also stated that “oil is America’s lifeblood”. He hasn’t made it clear what actions he would take if elected into office.

Clinton – Hillary Clinton’s views on domestic oil has fluctuated but her support for extracting natural gas has remained the same. Clinton is strongly motivated to make a difference in the fight on climate change and has expanded her views towards drilling for shale gas. Will this mean Clinton will crack down on fracking and trade domestic oil production for shale gas?

As of now the future of oil in America is unclear. Stay tuned for November results.

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  • 18 Jul, 2016
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